Un Sueno (a dream)

There is an illustration I did called “Un Sueno” (a dream.)

It is based on a dream I had.

Sueno Greeting Card  

The Dream

In it I am standing in a rickety boat on a stormy sea. I can hear the thunder and see the lighting all around us. There is a man in a red suit. 
A nice suit. Very red.  He binds my legs together and my arms to my sides. He then lifts me over his shoulders and tosses me in the shark infested waters.

I felt myself die, but it wasn’t what I expected. I remember becoming part of the fish that ate me, and as they were eaten by larger fish I felt myself become part of them. Inversely as I was broken down to the tiniest elements possible I found that I became the sea. 

As the water evaporated to form new clouds I felt myself become sky.

As the sky turned dark and rained down I felt myself become rain. 

As the rain landed on the ground I felt myself become earth. 

And as the earth fed the roots of the trees and plants I felt myself become whole. I was never ending. A constant and continuing evolution into something new and something old, into something that’s always existed.

Unlike most dreams this one stayed as I woke, but I knew it was just a dream. But then I thought to myself “what makes you so sure this isn’t a dream as well?”

If it is a dream, I have yet to wake.

If it is not a dream, could that be part of the dream?

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