This Moment

Love is the singular most powerful force in the known universe,
(possibly the unknown universe as well.)

Love brands us so we are immediately recognizable to those we love,
and those who love us.

Love endures long past the time we spend here,
and ripples out to affect people we will never know.

It bends space and time and exists to each us the better part of ourselves.

Death is not a barrier to love,
just a change in the appearance of love.

You no longer have the feel of a hand in yours,
or a kiss on your lips,
or a breath on your shoulder.

But you are given the caress of the wind on your face,
the sun on your back,
and the grass under your feet.

And yes,
I know there are times when this simply is not enough,
but try to make it enough,
even if only for the moment.

Because this moment is all that we are.

This moment gives birth to new choices,
new joys,
and new sorrows.

It gives birth to the impossible,
the unimagined,
the undreamt.

So allow your pain,
make room for your grief,
and let flow your tears.

But also allow your trust,
make room for your laughter,
and let flow the possibility that unlike those we love.

Love itself,
never dies.
And for this to be true,
then love can never be lost,
no matter how it may seem.

Because love is what you are made of.
And in this moment you are loved.
And even more than that in this moment


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